Saturday, March 6, 2010

Leaky boobs

Before I had our daughter, I decided I would try to be environmentally friendly and bought a few different washable breast pads, knowing that I might be leaky at first. Since she was born (November), I have tried out about 5 or 6 brands - none of which work as well as plain old Johnson&Johnson (eek! Now just Johnson's).

I hope this review will help some new mothers or mothers-to-be out there save some money!

1. Gerber Ultra Thin Nursing Pads: Very thin linen-feel pads. Not very comfy, but fairly discreet. Bright white so their colour will show through some clothes, but not bulky. For me, these did next to nothing. However, I imagine that at this point, 4 months into nursing they might be good for smaller accidents.

2. Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads: Medium thickness and nicely contoured even with washing (though not as contoured as disposables). No leakage protection though.

3. Bravado Moisture-Wicking Washable Breast Pads: The softest washables ever. Have a great stay-dry outer layer that touches the nipple and terry cloth inside. However, again, no leakage protection whatsoever. Medium thickness and buckle a little.

4. Kushies: The first brand I tried in the first few weeks. They are very bulky and awkward (no contouring), but absorb well. Still leaked through them but after the first few months I do not. I just find them uncomfortable.

1. La Leche League: Soft inner side and good waterproof outer side. Semi-contoured. Medium size

2. Johnson's 60 pack: My winners. Not very soft, but great absorbency which makes up for the fact that they don't have a waterproof exterior. Have only soaked through these once or twice ever. They are fairly small in diameter - that's the only odd thing about them, but they have great contouring. I have gone through at least 4 boxes of these and think this is what I am going to stick with for the most part.


  1. Have you tried Lily Padz?

  2. No, I never did. But I recently bought a Milkies Milksaver and that's what I'm using when I nurse at home.
    I thought that the Lily Padz looked as though you would be wet the whole time and thought that might be a bad thing.