Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time to think

I was thinking yesterday about how random and wonderful life is. About how my husband saw me on an online dating website one summer and then saw me at the grocery store that fall. He didn't go up to me, but recognized me. Later that spring I was logging onto the site to get rid of my profile as I hadn't really used it and didn't want to try dating anymore in that way. His profile flashed across the screen and in a split-second I decided to email him quickly and let him know that I was deleting my account.
If I hadn't done that, he wouldn't have emailed me and we would never have met.
If he'd come up to me at the grocery store when I was dating someone else, we wouldn't have gone out for a first date.
If neither of us had given it a second try (our first date was blah), well you get the picture.
This never would have happened

and neither would this ;)

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