Monday, April 5, 2010

Cloth diaper trial

This week we've been conducting a cloth diaper trial with Ottawa Cloth Diapers. Vicky has been super easy to work with and very friendly and helpful.

It is a bit overwhelming moving from disposable to cloth, with all the options available and trying to figure out what to do to stop leaks, etc. but overall it's been a great week.
I'm loving trying out all the different diapers on A, but more than anything else, I am amazed at how much less garbage we're producing. And the fact that the smell is very minimal, compared to that coming out of our diaper genie!

So far my favourites are:

1. GroBaby - super easy to snap in liners and reuse shells - dry fairly quickly and fit really nicely on A. They're very adjustable and the velcro is easy. They also have enough room in them to add a booster pad for when she soaks a lot in her morning naps.
Oh and they're cute!

2. MonkeyDoodlez. I think this is my favourite for fit, cuteness, and softness/comfort but it took the longest to dry :(

3. DryBees Hybrid AIO. Like MD, love it - fits really well, but it's a size small that we're using and I can't add anything else to it or it'll be too tight.

We also used a Bamboozled fitted diaper (size 1) for overnight with a cover. This diaper was so cute on A and fit so nicely but I don't want to have to deal with covers if at all possible.

I love the idea of the Tots Bots AIO OS too where the pad you stuff into the pocket is sewn on, so it washes and dries faster, but you don't have to go searching for a darn pad.

Still to try:
Flip diaper
FuzziBunz perfect sized opcket (need a medium -small was too small)
Thirsties Duo

Not a fan of Annie Marie Padorie although there's tons of room in them for doublers, etc. I find they leak or I'm not putting them on right.

The other big factor is that although I thought I'd like snaps for adjustability and the OS, I don't like all the snaps and I don't like having to figure out the rise for A. It takes too long. So I guess I prefer sized diapers.

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